Balancing body, mind, and soul

Joy Costa Rica is your one step, easy planning tool for your restorative trip to Costa Rica.
Together with health coaches, holistic therapists and yoga and meditation teachers we take you to the most incredible eco lodges, wellness retreats and jungle getaways and pair it with unique experiences in nature, under waterfalls, through rainforests and during sunsets to make your visit impactful and unforgettable.
Joy Costa Rica started as a product of our own healing process, for this reason we always put ourselves in our client’s shoes, or should we say sandals…

We founded to provide a reliable company that provides the perfect blend of life-changing experiences, alongside informative and personalized planning at price points that fit all budgets.

Taking a trip with purpose can mean many things, and the journey starts from the moment you start planning.
Costa Rica is a healing paradise, it is a country that has always relied on nature to move forward, from its tourism to its natural products Costarricans know how much mother earth has given them, and they have lovingly created a space where nature has thrived and grown.

In this space we have united a team of people that are ready to guide you through the many holistic therapies, ancient rituals and natural healing techniques in order to connect with our higher self.

Come to Costa Rica to enjoy the sun, be one with nature, breath pure air and surround yourself with good vibes!
Turn your trip into a deeper experience and enjoy delicious locally sourced foods, energizing sunrise yoga sessions, healing therapies, coaching, ceremonies, learning about natural medicine and more!
Through our knowledgeable advice and experiences, we will help you choose the treatments and activities that will send you back home in a state of peace, love, and happiness.

Quest beyond your five senses, the need to listen to our inner voice is stronger every day, the world is changing, earth is vibrating in a new frequency and Costa Rica beats in harmony and love.

This country has been blessed with nature, marvelous beaches, wildlife, and friendly local people, each area offers amazing accommodation, secret hikes, adrenaline tours, fun activities, yummy food, you name it, we have it! Something for everyone, and we are more than happy to share all of that fun with you.

We have done our homework visiting hotels and trying different tours and adventures, and we want to share that with future travelers.

But more than the standard trip, we want you to experience the Pura Vida life, there are many things we love and enjoy about this country…

Our cultural background makes us unique, and my husband says he loves Ticos because of their sense of humor, laid back attitude and fun-loving nature.

We want you to take your adventure deep into our cultural roots and enjoy a conversation with a farmer over freshly brewed coffee and “tortillas con queso”, it might turn out that neither of you understand what the other is saying, but I promise you there will be a lot of laughs, and you will have made a good friend by the end.

Take the back road to discover waterfalls, cows on the way, and buy treats in the “pulperias”. Swim in the rivers and have an egg sandwich for lunch, hike to the forest and eat freshly picked mangoes off the trees.

Try a sip of “vino de coyol”, get to know the real locals that built this country years ago and see why they are so proud of it.

Joy Costa Rica is our newborn and we are so happy
to share our knowledge on health tourism with you!

Joy Costa Rica

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