Wellness Costa Rica means recharging, rejuvenation, detox, deep soul-searching, relaxation!

The abundance of complementary health treatments in Costa Rica makes it the perfect destination if you are looking for well-being in all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

No matter your believes or your level or conscious, the ultimate goal is to have a better quality of life where body and mind heal together, when you visit this paradise Costa Rica, you will end up touched by its healing energy.

We want you to release your biggest potential to live a life inspired by love.

Wellness retreats

When you come to Costa Rica you can find a lot of retreats, yoga, meditation, medicine and more, there is a wide range of treatments and length available.

We have beach or jungle, a mix of nature and therapies and healthy eating according to your lifestyle and with different approaches, depending on what sounds more appealing to you.

We at www.joycostarica.com have curated the best retreats in Costa Rica, within the most beautiful locations and with a variety of experiences for all needs.

Alternative therapies

Those are non conventional therapies used on the treatment of diseases or physical or mental problems as a non traditional option.

Complementary therapies

Those are therapies used as support to traditional medicine on the treatment of physical or mental diseases.

Holistic Experiences

A health trip to Costa Rica means looking after our body, calming our mind, and listening to our spirit, a wonderful opportunity to work in our whole health.

We have selected incredible experiences for you to reconnect with your full being.


Physical beauty is a very important part of our wellbeing, feeling good with our appearance help us with our self-esteem and promotes a state of happiness and confidence. We are chosen not invasive treatments with great professionals that we know and love because we know they care about helping their patient to feel better about themselves, all their recommendations are honest and assertive.

Life starts where your comfort zone ends