One magical experience Bioluminescence

This is the most magical thing I have ever seen…
This phenomena occurs when an organism which has molecules containing luciferin, combines with oxygen, and in doing so, produces light.

It is visible only in clean unpolluted waters, therefore tourists have to go to Paquera and from there take a boat that will take you to the Cedros Island, an unspoiled paradise with a small community of local fishermen who are happy to share their little island with visitors.

Facilities are minimal, tents, and water are available, but there is no electricity or restaurants, not even a little PULPERIA to buy goodies.

But I promise you, this trip is an experience of a lifetime and something you will never forget, sharing a meal under the stars with the few families that live there and becoming part of their simple life for a day or two is amazing, you will help them to do scientific research, go fishing, hike in the forest until nightfall, and you will witness one of the best gifts that mother nature has to offer.

Where: Golfo de Nicoya.

When: Evening.  

Who: For all ages.

How much: Price vary from location, but starts at $25 rental of kayaks.

How long: 1 hour.

What to bring: Bathing suit.

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