Forest Bathing experience

What: It is a 2 or 3-hour walk of not more than 600 meters into the costarrican rainforest where the facilitator will make invitations to guide you into discovering the many beautiful and magic things happening around you, like the sound of the wind through the leaves, the texture of the trees, or the light reflecting on the flowers.

After being instructed on how to use your senses to connect with nature, there will be a meditation session where you can put your knowledge into practice, here you slowly become aware of how your legs push against the ground under you, and you hear beats rhythmically to the beat of the wind, the sounds of birds and small insects that are so familiar to you become almost unrecgonizeable as you realize that the citars actually sound like an orchestra and the birds are the opera singers, the world around you vibrates and intensifies as you become one with nature.

Why: It is a day to not only walk and experience the beautiful costarrican jungle but It is an opportunity to slow down and benefit from our mother nature’s healing energy, a great way to fight stress, fears, anxiety, and depression.

What you take home: Our day to day lives can be very busy, and we are quick to forget how important it is to stop and smell the flowers sometimes.

This experience will give you the tools to connect with nature and channel its healing and distressing powers wherever you are.